CA Licensed Cosmetologist • For RESUME • For IMDB
Born in Paris and raised in Southern California, Lily Von Isenberg has traveled the country and the world, developing a strong appreciation for the arts and the power of creation. She has loved hair and makeup since she was a little girl and has always been fascinated with classic cinema.
Lily is a California licensed cosmetologist and graduate of Toni & Guy Hairdressing Academy, a former wig intern at the Tony award winning theater, South Coast Repertory, and a Special FX intern at Nocturnal Designz. She currently works as a freelance Hair and Makeup Artist in TV, film, music videos, and live events.
She has been lucky enough to receive a nomination for best Special FX at the Action On Film Festival, as well as a working with companies from Anthem Blue Cross to WB Interactive. She recently wrapped a new TV show, Smoketown, and is slated to start the Halloween 2017 season with a bang as a 2nd year makeup artist for Six Flag’s FrightFest.
Lily has a true love for people and her craft, translating characters from paper to stage and screen. Lily is also the owner of victoryandverdugo.com
 As seen on…..
Anthem Blue Cross••American Red Cross••Business TV Channel••CorridorDigital••DermOrganic••Dollar Shave Club••El Rey Network••EPSON••Hallmark Channel••Investigation Discovery Channel••Jafra Intl••Kaiser Permanente••Misfit Technology••MTV••Run For Your Lives••Six Flags Fright Fest••South Coast Repertory••WB Interactive



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